"A wide selection of targets suitable for the beginner and the more advanced will test your prowness, after the proper instruction, suited to your capabilities, all set in the ten lane shooting range". 

Main Street, Leitrim Village, County Leitrim IE  |   +353.719623609  |  info@leitrimindoorshooting.com

Have Fun!!

Aim! Shoot!

Here you are greeted to a feast of ten lanes. Kitted out in safety gear to include arm guard and glove for your protection, you are fitted to the correct bow suited to your age, size, weight and experience. Left Handed or Right Handed there are bows to suit everyone male or female. A large stock of re-curve and American flat bows are on hand, everyone gets their own bow, no sharing here.


Your event will start with an introduction to gun safety and the guns.You will be shown how to aim, load and fire directly.  The selection of the guns will be, fully licensed replica Air Soft Guns. Consisting of: 
  • Hand Guns/Pistols Taurus 24/7. Colt. Smith & Wesson,
    ​Sig Sauer.
  • Machine guns Semi/Full Automatic Kalashnikov AK47.
    Colt M4
  • Bolt Action Rifles. Black Eagle. Mauser.
  • Pump Action Shot Gun